Protect your pumpkin with Bad Apple

Dana 30

Introducing Bad Apple differential protection

Our differential protector consists of a ¼" steel ring that is laser cut for a precision fit and look. The second component of our design is a ¼" steel hoop that has been cold worked for added strength.

Each guard is jig built using a real differential housing to ensure a proper fit on your rig. Once welded together each guard is abrasive blasted then powder coated. Every guard comes with new grade 8 hardware and is available in Bad Apple Orange, Semi gloss black or simply primed ready for your custom paint.


The concept of Bad Apple Fabrication has been the goal of Sean Norton and the late Matt Abercrombie for years. We have been developing hardware for our own vehicles since we hit the trails some 10+ years ago.

Owner Sean on the trail with his Jeep CJ7

Seeing our designs prove themselves on the trail we thought it would be a great opportunity to show case our ideas and designs as reasonably priced alternatives to fellow enthusiasts. continued