About Us

Owner Sean on the trail with his Jeep CJ7

The concept of Bad Apple Fabrication has been the goal of Sean Norton and the late Matt Abercrombie for years. We have been developing hardware for our own vehicles since we hit the trails some 10+ years ago. Seeing our designs prove themselves on the trail we thought it would be a great opportunity to show case our ideas and designs as reasonably priced alternatives to fellow enthusiasts.

Sean playing on the rocks OSean playing on the rocks 2

A background of myself shows that I hold a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology and I'm currently employed as a Mechanical Design Engineer at a renowned aerospace company. It is this background coupled with the passion for fabrication that ensures our products are built to perform.

Our ideas don't just stop at the trail. Our designing thoughts often bring us outside our typical product envelope. We are always looking for new and different projects to keep us challenged. From designing and building our own equipment and tooling to custom fabrication projects. A lot of our creations can be seen throughout our shop and rigs. From a custom built hydraulic press brake and ring roller to our flat fender and roll cage designs. We are also currently developing our own CNC plasma table for fast in house prototyping. We like to think of ourselves as – Engineered To Be Different.

Thanks for giving us a look, and check back often as we continue to add to our product line. We are proud to offer products that haven’t just been built, but designed, analyzed and tested to give our customers a quality product at reasonable price.

Bad Apple Fabrication