Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why aren't the bolt holes in your guard counterbored, so the bolts are protected from rocks?

A: We feel that by counterboring the holes there would be a limited amount of edge distance between the counterbored hole and the edge of the ring. With this the counterbore could be damaged from an impact. If the counterbore is caved in then it will pinch the head of the cap screw, thus making it nearly impossible to remove the bolts. At least with a standard bolt head, if it is damaged, it can be removed with pliers or vise grips.

Q: What is the purpose of abrasive blasting the parts?

A: Our parts are laser cut, thus they have slag on all the cut edges, in addition to the slag the raw steel is covered in scale. Neither paint nor powder coat will stick effectively to the untreated surfaces. Therefore by abrasive blasting the entire part we ensure a clean surface for the paint and powder coat to stick too.

Q: What is cold working the material?

A: Cold working is defined as, altering the shape or size of a metal by plastic deformation. Processes include rolling, drawing, pressing, spinning, extruding and heading, it is carried out below the recrystallisation point usually at room temperature. Hardness and tensile strength are increased with the degree of cold work. So by rolling each protective hoop at room temperature we are raising the tensile strength of the steel.

Q: How does your guard protect the differential?

A: Our protective hoop protects the heart and soul of your axle, the ring gear, without it your axle won't work.